Whitney Port Hairstyles

Whitney Port Hairstyles

Port Hairstyles
Whitney Port Hairstyles
The hairstyles of Whitney are easy to create and take less time. In order to create braids Whitney Port hairstyles you need to get shoulder length haircut so that the hairstyle can look great on you. Start washing your hair and apply a good amount of volumising mousse. 

Now dry the hair with a towel and leave them damp and brush them using a paddle brush and use a hair dryer to dry the hair. You should brush your hair on one side of the head and the braid will be created at the right at your shoulder. The angle of braid will be downwards facing the chest. You can make the braid in front of your body so that it does not bend backward. After making the braid, secure it with a rubber band or a ponytail holder. Use a hairspray at the back of your head so that braid avoids fly aways. 

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