Eva Longoria Hairstyles

Eva Longoria Hairstyles

 Longoria Hairstyles
Eva Longoria Hairstyles
To get Eva Longoria hairstyles you need to get a long layered haircut just like that of Eva making sure that the length of haircut fall at your shoulders. The layers begin at cheeks at the front and at continue at the back. The layers can be angled that will give a soft touch to the style. 

It is suggested not to get bangs with this hairstyle. You can part the hair from middle so that layers can frame your face. Now apply mousse to the hair that are dried with a towel and make two inch sections of your hair. The remaining hair must be pinned up. You must start blow drying the section of hair with the help of a paddle brush. The nozzle of the blow dryer must promote the smoothness of the hair. 

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