Short Bobs

Short Bobs

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Short Bobs
Short bob is that one hairstyle that always stays in fashion in all the seasons. Nowadays we have to juggle our personal life with our professional one. Whether you are a mom, a medical resident or a nine to nine workaholic you need a hairstyle that you can maintain at a short notice without having to fuss a great deal about it.  There are some women out there who just have a few minutes every morning to get dressed. Thus, a short bob is the perfect hairstyle for you if you are one of those women.

Short bobs come in a wide variety. You can choose a combination of bob and bangs. There are several options in bangs too. You can choose blunt cut bangs. Side swept diagonal bangs look great on women with a round face cut. Sharp edged chopped bangs look cute on women who want a funky hip look. Chopped short bobs with chopped bangs make a great gothic look for you if you are a heavy metal fan.

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