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Long Bob

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Long Bob
You are running out of time and you have to get ready for a very important event you want a simple hairstyle and yet want to be the epitome of glamour and vivaciousness. The ideal hairstyle for you is to have a long bob. Long bobs usually start from your chin and go all the way to your collarbone.  Longs bobs look absolutely sensational with bangs of all kinds. Women with a short forehead should get blunt cut bangs. Women with a chubby face should get diagonal side swept bangs which would give their face a narrow look making them look slim and gorgeous.  Women have penchant for funky style should get a choppy sharp edged long bob with chopped bangs to create sassy look for them.

Getting lowlights on long bobs is a style statement in itself. If you walk down the street with this long bob hairdo you would make every head turn in your direction for sure. You can get streaking done your hair with along bob to create another sensational long bob hairdo. Women with naturally blonde hair can get mahogany or jet black hair color touching their hair roots to create an exotic long bob hairdo. 

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