Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Wedding Hairstyles
Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair
Wedding hairstyles for medium length caters to all those women who have a large face or hair that is wavy in length. This season wedding hairstyles for medium length hair have primarily focused on waves and wavy length hair. Those women who have bangs should be happy since the wedding hairstylists primarily introduce making use of your side swept bangs and waves to maximum effect. 

Famous celebrity Carrie Underwood wore her gorgeous wavy mane in one such style. She ironed her side swept bangs that fell to her lips. However she tucked the straightened bangs against her ear. Carrie Underwood made a hump at the top of her head with the help of some back combing. The rest of her hair was styled in lustrous waves that fell over her shoulders and don her back.   She wore a topless gown under this hairstyle so that she could show off her bodice to maximum effect with this kind of hairdo.

If you feel like adding more glamour to this kind of hairdo you can adorn the hump with some rhinestones as well. The hump is the tricky part. It should neither be too high nor be too low just the right size. The hump ought to have some hair spray applied to it and should be secured with sufficient number of bobby pins. If a woman plans to wear a veil and tiara on her head then she should make an elaborate updo from her medium length hair on her wedding hairstyles. 

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