Penelope Cruz Hairstyles

Penelope Cruz Hairstyles

 Cruz Hairstyles
Penelope Cruz Hairstyles
 Penelope Cruz hairstyles with long and layered haircut can be styled by applying gel or wax and blow drying them to get fullness. Always use your fingers to style the hair after adding waves and curls to them. The final touch should be given to the hair with a hairspray. Penelope as always wore some cool hairstyles that suited her personality. She used to wear bangs to look young and fresh. 

Those who are interested to know the complete steps of creating corky Penelope Cruz hairstyles must begin with washing their hair with volumising shampoo. Since Penelope has hair full of life and shine so you need to use such hair products that can add bounce to your hair. After washing and drying the hair it’s time to apply curl enhancing serum or cream and dry the air with a towel. Curl enhancing serum is necessary to get the exact look of Penelope Cruz hair. Moreover, this serum will also prevent frizzy hair. 

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