Long Straight hairstyles

Long Straight hairstyles

Long  hairstyles
Long Straight hairstyles
The hottest trend hair of this year is to grow hair. Long straight hairstyles are feminine and considered as one of the hottest styles. You can let your hair flow with waves and curls and straight hair. If you have thick hair then b you must choose curls to add to your hairstyle. Long straight hairstyles look sleek and ultra fashionable. You can wear ponytails and braids with long straight hair. Ponytail is one the casual hairstyles that can be worn everyday.

It is a hairstyle that can be bade easily after spending a few minutes. Long and straight hair give a smooth and shiny look and you can easily this look by using flat iron. This look can also be achieved by blow drying after washing them. Other good thing about sleek hairstyles is that you can wear them on any occasion. Long straight hairstyles can be cut into layers with a razor to get gorgeous and sharp look of the hairstyle. Often layered and razor cuts require styling products to hold the hair.
Some of the long straight hairstyles that can be styled easily include ponytails, flick and toss, wild waves and twisted braids. Sideways ponytail is one of the long hairstyles that can be created with a lot of variation. To get a more striking effect, you can part the hair on the sides. Try applying straightening serum to the damp hair and comb then to a make a low ponytail. You can secure the ponytail with the help of a rubber band, and wrap it in form of a bun. Bobby pins can be used to secure the bun. You can wear this side ways ponytail and bun on formal occasions.

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