Long Bob Hairstyles 2012

Long Bob Hairstyles 2012

 Hairstyles 2012
Long Bob Hairstyles 2012
Long bob hairstyles 2012 this year have been introduced with a toned down look. Models on the ramping sporting long bob haircuts 2012  had ample amounts of gel applied to their hair for a sophisticated and matted appearance.  One particular model had a side partition on her long bob hairstyle and soft curls at the ends of her hair.  The bob fell slightly below her chin line and encircled her face in a becoming manner.

Popular teen celebrity Selena Gomez wore a long bob hairstyle on her gorgeous jet black hair that has become an epitome of hairstyle for all teens to follow. She wore her long bob that fell below her collar bone with a straight cut. On her forehead she wore blunt cut bangs that gave her small and round face an adorable appeal that many men would find irresistible.

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