Cool Hairstyles for Spring and Summer 2012

Cool Hairstyles for Spring and Summer 2012

 Hairstyles  2012
Cool Hairstyles for Spring and Summer 2012
With the sun shining broadly at our heads, it is high time to look for cool hairstyles that are in fashion this spring and summer.  In terms of cool and trending hairstyles, warm weather this year, heralds’ revival of some of the most iconic styles that were reigning supreme in the 20th century.

This summer it does not matter whether you are a woman with short or long hair, since all cool and trending hairstyles are a work of short as well as long hair. Be it the beachy waves or the messy and piled up look, tomboy ponytail or looped up ponytail, wet look or center parts, all such hairstyles complete the category of cool and trendy hairstyles for the spring/summer.
Wet look chignon

No need to be afraid of wet hair while going out in public this summer, since wet look is the talk of the town nowadays and it can be achieved both via wet and dry hair. This look not only offers a versatile and complete look but is also easy to carry and comes up with a relaxed feeling.

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