Cheryl Cole Hairstyles

Cheryl Cole Hairstyles

Cheryl Hairstyles
Cheryl Cole Hairstyles
Cheryl has worn this hairstyle for shorter hair length but you also wear for all lengths. In order to create this look you can start with parting the hair on the side and curling them all over with the help of a curling iron of large barrel so that curls can look natural. Now make four sections of the hair and plait the bottom section tightly. 

Now wrap the plaits to a bun that is placed much closed to the scalp.  Those who have shorter hair can also get the hair twisted in form of a ballerina bun. You can back comb the bottom section with a comb so that volume can be added to the hair. Now twist small sections of hair and secure them around the bun. The large section that has been back combed can be secured underneath the bun. Apply hairspray to get a neat and smooth look for the hairstyle.

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