Amanda Seyfried Hairstyles

Amanda Seyfried Hairstyles

Seyfried Hairstyles
Amanda Seyfried Hairstyles
Here are some of the most stylish and beautiful Amanda Seyfried hairstyles that can be created with a little practice. These hairstyles are best suitable for girls who have heart shape face. 

The first hairstyle is known as tousled bun that was worn by Amanda at a film festival. Her outfit and the hairstyle matched the event very well and gave a classic look. She got the classic bun by tousling and relaxing it at the back to get the chic look. If you would like to re-create her tousled Amanda Seyfried hairstyles then you should create a lot of volume at the top by back combing the hair and creating a bun at the back. Secure the bun with hair pins and allow a few strands to fall on your face. You can use a good hairspray at the end to get the final touch.

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