Alicia Keys Hairstyles

Alicia Keys Hairstyles

 Keys Hairstyles
Alicia Keys Hairstyles
To begin with Alicia Keys hairstyles, you can start washing the hair and dry that hair with a hair dryer. Now scrunch the hair to get a texture for the hairstyle. By doing so, you will gather the hair on one side and focus on the crown area of the head. This step will also create a lot of volume and lift to the hair. 

The second step of making Alicia Keys hairstyles involves separation of short layers on one side. These short layers will be used as swept fringes. Now take a paddle brush and gently brush the hair back so that you get tangled free hair to create plaits. It is said that the high creation of the plaits will look more glamorous. Now separate the two sections on high side of the head. Split the hair in both the sections with your finger to create smaller sections. The outer sections must be kept smaller as compared to the inner sections in order to get tight plaits. 

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